Owning a pet offers their owners better physical and emotional health. Losing a pet is hard on the owners because they are one of the family. The owner can deal with the grief by calling or going to see a therapist. The owner can also have a memorial for their pet or buy adopt a new pet when the time is right.

These individuals always looking for a thrill. They are individuals that need to have the adrenaline rush that makes them feel alive. Sensation seekers get bored with daily routines with work and other aspects of their life. These individuals start developing the behavioral traits as a child and carry on their adventures into adulthood. These individuals are perfectly capable to maintain relationships, they just need to have spontaneity throughout. If a sensation seekers behavior becomes reckless and starts to affect their relationships around them, they can attend therapy to help pinpoint the new behavior. The therapist will give the individual a new perspective.

Talkspace is a therapy app for the smartphone that will allow a person to connect with a licensed therapist anytime of day, without having to interrupt their busy routine of their life. Talkspace services cost is significantly more cost effective compared to a traditional therapist and other therapy apps for your phone. Once the the app is downloaded onto the phone and an account is established, the person will then get a message from Talkspace. This message will have detailed messages for the company to get to know the person better so they will be matched with the best therapist possible. Once this is done, the person will receive a message within 24 hours informing them who will be their therapist, a little background information on their therapist, and when their appointment time will be.


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