Talos Energy Focused on the Vision

Talos Energy Focused on the Vision

For nearly 80 years, the waters off Mexico have been restricted. After the oil industry was nationalized, Petroleos Mexicanos was the only company allowed to drill for oil along Mexico’s coast. No privately own oil companies were allowed to drill for oil until recently. Talos Energy joined with Premier Oil PLC out of London and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas to begin drilling in May, the first private to do so since 1938. They sank their first well off the coast of the state of Tabasco beneath the Surest Basin.

Founded in 2012, Talos Energy is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is quickly becoming a leader among the smaller oil production companies. Its offshore exploration and production are centered primarily in the Gulf of Mexico and along the coastline.

Its management team, led by Tim Duncan as president and chief executive, brings many years of experience in oil exploration. One of their primary concerns is to ensure that environmentally sound processes are used in drilling for and extracting the oil. As a relatively young company, the entire team is focused building the company by implementing new and better ways of getting the job done.

Recently, Talos announced their drilling produced a major find of oil reserves just off the coast of the state of Tobasco in Mexico, lying along the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Two billion barrels of oil is believed to be there beneath only 500 feet of water. Duncan believes that it will take four years to develop the fine.

Although Workplace Dynamics names Talos Energy as the best workplace among small business locally, it was not because of the “perks” that other companies offer. The management works to provide an atmosphere where ideas are welcomed and all employees share in the company’s success. Talos Energy is headed toward success. It is a small company with a big vision and a management team focused on that vision.



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