Taylor Swift Donates $1 Million to Louisiana Flood Relief

Taylor Swift Donates $1 Million to Louisiana Flood Relief

Even in the midst of a controversy with Kanye West, pop star Taylor Swift has still managed to take the high road. She is taking the focus off of her feud with West by doing something positive. Swift has donated $1 million towards Louisiana flood relief efforts. Thousands of people have loss there homes, and the body count continues to grow for this area as people search for loved ones.

Torrential rains hit Louisiana and this caused massive flooding. Taylor Swift remembers happier times in Louisiana where she was performing in the state. She has told the Associated Press that the people of Louisiana made her feel very welcomed when she started the tour for the “1999” album. She feels like it is only right to return the love that was shown to her.

Taylor Swift has been known to do a lot of nice things for people over the length of her career. She has hung out with fans for her release party. Swift has given away guitars. There are a host of things that she has done to show that she cares about others. The thing that has made her such a popular artist is the connect that she has with her fans.

When the hurricane Katrina disaster hit it was Tyler Perry that gave a million to help with relief efforts. Others stars stepped up during that time to help as well. This may be the biggest contribution that Taylor Swift has ever given. A lot of other celebrities may come forth as the relief efforts are started. Thousands of people need food, shelter and money until they can return to work.


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