Teaching Cats to High Five is Helping Them Get Adopted

Teaching Cats to High Five is Helping Them Get Adopted

Adopting a rescue animal is one of the most heartwarming experiences you may ever have. That’s because you’re taking an animal that didn’t have a home and giving it one for quite possibly, the first time. It’s also heartwarming because many of the shelter animals, especially dogs and cats, have never known what love is. They come from homes where they weren’t treated very well or from the streets where they were neglected. Whatever the reason, it’s important to find these pets their forever homes.

Anyone who has ever worked in a shelter or with a rescue organization knows just how difficult it can be to get a pet adopted. People, however, love to gravitate towards the unique. When all cats look the same, it’s hard for them to get adopted. This is especially true because people frequently gravitate towards kittens. There’s one organization who found a simple approach to getting animals adopted. That approach is by teaching them how to high-five their human friends.

According to a thread in Reddit, there’s an organization called Cat Pawsitive and it’s all about teaching cats how to high five in hopes to get them adopted. The high fives are so much deeper than that, however. The organization says that a simple high five can change a cat. Most cats come into a shelter feeling terrified. They’re leaving behind the life they knew and now they’re starting someplace where there are cold concrete and loud noises. Cats can withdraw and even become aggressive while they’re in a shelter. By teaching them how to high five, they learn to open up. Shy cats become more playful and aggressive cats become friendlier with this new interaction with people.

Of course, the main perk is that it helps these cats get adopted. People see a high fiving cat and they think, “Wow that’s neat. That’s something I’ve never seen before.” That thought process is what helps cats get adopted.


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