Teen is Gifted Car When His Picture Walking to the Bus Stop to Attend Graduation Goes Viral

Teen is Gifted Car When His Picture Walking to the Bus Stop to Attend Graduation Goes Viral

Kids nowadays are typically not too excited about going to school, but Corey Patrick was. He graduated from Tarrant High School in May, and Corey was gifted a car, not by his parents, but by a local radio host named Rickey Smiley.


This story is bound to reinstate your confidence in the younger generation and will hopefully inspire you to award some teenagers in your community who have done worthy things above and beyond.


Corey Patrick is 19 years old, and he and his family moved across Birmingham during the summer before his senior year. They moved 10 miles from Corey’s school, and the family had no vehicle. Corey wanted to graduate with his friends, so he took the bus every day to finish his senior year and receive his diploma.


Being the quiet, determined and goal-oriented teen that he is, he did just that. He woke up at 4:30 am every day and caught the 5:19 am bus traveling across town to Tarrant High School; he got home around 6:30 pm.


For nine months he was faithful, and the day came for his Graduation ceremony. With no vehicle, so Corey did what he had done all year – he began his walk to the bus stop. Only on this day, he was proudly wearing his cap and gown, and someone snapped a picture of this young Afro-American walking to the best day of his life!


The picture hit social media with 22,000 hits in just a few hours. Rickey Smiley talked about it on his radio show, and soon his followers had found Corey, announced WBRC, and Smiley gave him the keys to a brand new car because of his dedication and perseverance.


His mother was very proud; the police who found Corey said: “They felt like proud parents!” And Corey now has a car!!


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