Teen with Cancer Does Inspirational Photo Shoot

Teen with Cancer Does Inspirational Photo Shoot

Going through cancer treatments can be tough, especially as a young person. Already battling self-esteem issues, losing your hair can really take a toll on your confidence levels. One teen who is undergoing chemotherapy has recently shared an inspirational message with the world, showing others that going through treatment and losing your hair does not have to define your beauty standards.

Seventeen-year-old Andrea Sierra Salazar was diagnosed with stage two lymphoma after doctors found a tumor on the teen’s neck and one in her chest. She began treatment immediately, which left her out of school and losing her hair. A model since the age of 13, her mother suggested that maybe she take up modeling again to pass the time since she was not in school due to her treatments. Andrea agreed, but only if she could wear her custom wig.

Andrea said that before she started her chemotherapy treatments she was confident, but after she began to lose her hair she lost her confidence along with it. Andrea did several photo shoots with different photographers, but her shoot with Gerardo Garmendia turned out to be the most special one. In this shoot, Andrea is dressed in a blue ball gown, not wearing her wig, and she looks gorgeous.

Andrea posted the series of the pictures with the caption “Cancer doesn’t stop me me from being a princess”. The picture has been retweeted over 100,000 times. She is hoping that the pictures inspire young people going through the same treatments that she is going through as well.

For the full story and to see the photos, click the link to see them on the Independent Online.


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