Terry Baltes Says Hotels Seeing An Increase In Guest Demands

Terry Baltes Says Hotels Seeing An Increase In Guest Demands

Recently, J.D. Power tracked the satisfaction of hotel guests concerning hotel extras and perks, as they do each year. The surveys given to each level of guest, from economy to luxury, is on the rise, but only slightly.

Most hotels now offer amenities such as free WiFi, breakfast, parking, and quality linens. These items used to be luxuries but are now becoming standard practice to keep customers happy and loyal. With these luxuries becoming boilerplate, hotel chains fear that customer satisfaction is no longer going to increase, but stay steady or even fall as demands grow higher.

Interestingly, there was one significant increase in customer satisfaction in the luxury hotel guest category because of the significant cost drops and savings to which guests now have access. But as lower prices too, become the standard, hotel staff and companies will have to double their efforts to keep customers happy, especially the younger generations, as they are more likely to belong to hotel memberships, thus guaranteeing their loyalty.

Hotel magnates like Terry Baltes of Dayton, Ohio certainly have their work cut out for them in terms of satisfying their guests. As a commercial real estate broker, it is Mr. Baltes’s job to ensure the security and success of each hotel location. He has been an asset to his community for over 40 years.

Hotels are a thriving business for many communities and it is important for talented individuals like Terry Baltes to ensure the success of the hospitality business. With the rising demands of guests, hospitality will become more competitive. Terry Bates will certainly need to use his talents, along with several others to make guests happy around the world.

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