Texas Man Proves There’s No Age Limit on Heroism

Texas Man Proves There’s No Age Limit on Heroism

What would you do if you saw a car flip over in a fiery crash right in your front yard? Most people would like to think they would rush to help. Lindell Marbut of Burleson, Texas was no different and when a car flipped over in his yard, he immediately rushed to rescue the young women trapped inside. What makes his story extraordinary is that he is 85 and uses a cane to get around.


Exactly what led to the crash is unknown, but Department of Public Safety officials do say that excessive speed while going around a curve was likely a contributing factor. The burning car was flipped on its side in Marbut’s yard and he could see there were two women trapped inside. Marbut’s caretaker Sondra Young ran to call 911, but Marbut knew there wasn’t any time to waste waiting for help to arrive.


Marbut used his cane first to beat against the windshield, and then to pull the driver from the vehicle. He managed to drag the driver to his garage. This is all the more remarkable since he is barely able to walk himself, according to Young. At this point, Young returned and she helped Marbut pull the passenger from the burning vehicle and they together dragged her to safety.


Asked by Fox4 News if he felt like a hero, the humble octogenarian just said, “I just feel like an old man trying to save somebody’s life.” According to firefighters, that’s exactly what he did.



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