The 3 Best Albums of 2018 to Stream

The 3 Best Albums of 2018 to Stream

What would the world be without music? Music is the food to the soul. It is even good to your health since it can relieve your stress. Amazing right? We all love different genres of music, irrespective of where we are from and our cultural backgrounds. Despite our different definitions of what makes good music and our descriptions of good records metamorphosing, there will still be albums loved by the most people. We have listed a number of the best albums of 2018 you ought to listen to.


The Best 2018 Albums

The following are the best albums of 2018


  1. Shawn Mendes, Shawn Mendes

This teen idol will be turning 20 this August. However, listening to his songs, you are likely to think they are from an older person. His third album brings out his maturity clearly, from the songs he writes about relationships. His vocals rhyme with the strum of his guitar perfectly. You can listen to all his tracks including, ‘In My Blood,’

  1. J Balvin

You well know of this guy from ‘Mi Gente’, a track he released 11 months ago, whose video got away with 1.8 billion views on YouTube. Beyonce, even hopped a remix on the track. ‘He recently released a rap song in collaboration with Cardi B. The song, ‘I like It‘ is doing well.

  1. Sudan Archives, Sink

She is a Los Angeles vocalist and a violinist who submerges her playing in this album. Scurrying electronics and imputable vocals that sunjugate famous labels such as Young Turks and Hyperub can also be pointed out in this album. However, on ‘Beautiful Shakes’ her violin playing, takes the front seat. She begins, “Ok, Ok here we go,” as string glitches follow. Her rap song, ‘Nont for Sale’ which she produced herself is also a great piece. You got to listen to this charming album.

At the end of the day, if you are feeling low and you need some alleviation, then just stream any of the albums. The music will uplift your spirit. Also, your soul will thank you for it. Billy Joel, an American singer went ahead and stated that; ‘Music in itself is healing and an expression of humanity.



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