The Award Winning Philanthropic Construction Company

The Award Winning Philanthropic Construction Company

Aloha Construction Company is a construction firm founded by David Farbaky and is headquartered at Lake Zurich, Illinois providing its services to people in Southern Winscoin and Illinois. It has been in business for decades to the community providing roofing services, placing of gutters and siding replacement. The firm consists of professional, highly trained personnel with certification from the Institute of Vinyl Siding. Moreover, Aloha Construction firm ensures safety of their constructed roofs to their customers, by granting them a ten year warranty where they will constantly be checking for any repairs required, and correcting them within the ten years stipulated. This is constantly achieved through inspection in nine steps enabling the contractors to look for anything that may be cause of alarm on the roofs then repairing them before causing harm.

Aloha construction was able to receive the Better Business Bureau Torch Award, which is normally awarded to companies that uphold business ethics. First of all, for putting their customers need before themselves. They were able to achieve their goal of roofing twenty thousand households since they began, offering inspection and repair of roofs free of charge, and the ten year warranty in craftsmanship depicts their desire for safety and quality services to their customers. Aloha construction’s partnership with a financial institution known as Synchrony Financial also provided a simple way for their clients to pay their services. Furthermore, Aloha Construction has been in the forefront in ensuring that their employees have stable employment and salary through providing permanent positions to their workers. In addition, they ensure that the high performing employees are granted a week’s all paid resort with their family for relaxing and family time, this acts as a motivation to all the employees.

In conclusion, Aloha construction has always ensured that the community benefited from their existence. They offer sports sponsorship to athletes in various high schools, including University athletics. David Farbaky has teamed up with institutions to provide children with cancer outdoor experiences and also, providing tickets to a child with heart disease with friends to enjoy a game of bullfight.


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