The Best Purina Has To Offer

The Best Purina Has To Offer

Purina Petcare is a subsidiary of Nestle that produces and sells pet food and treats. Initially, the company suffered because of its high-quality food products that cost more than most traditional dog food. When owners became more concerned with their pets and were willing to spend more money for their food, According to the Purina news scoop on Newscenter, sales steadily grew. After consecutive years of success, Purina is now the largest pet food company in the United States and the 2nd largest in the world. In addition to quality, Purina is notorious for their commitment to sustainability. The company uses innovative sources of marketing including competitions, events, sponsorships, charities and digital advertising.

In June, Purina Petcare set a world record for “Most Pets in a Workplace in One Day” in honor of the “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” The company used a drone to hover above the crowd of gathered people and their animals to take a picture of the first-world record of its kind. The company partnered with Mississippi State University to conduct a study to gain more insights on how people feel about their pets in the workplace. The results were interesting. Most employees felt like pets should be allowed in the workplace if the majority agreed. Nearly 75% of employees said that they worked for a business that did not allow pets in the workplace. More than 50% of employees who want pets to be allowed in the workplace are willing to personally change the business environment to make it appropriate for pets.

As one of the leaders of the world in pet food, Purina comes up with some clever advertising and marketing campaigns to promote its brand. They helped develop an email software, Doggie Mail, where emails are sent and received via a talking dog. They helped co-host with AOL, a site dedicated to pet videos, tips, Q&A and other relevant content for pet owners. Their successful Alpo brand released their unique slogan “Real Dogs Eat Meat.” This campaign focused on the idea that pets are animals, and animals need to connect with nature by following their primal instinct to eat meat.

Purina Petcare released an iPhone app that allowed users to map out pet-related locations and services. This collaborative effort helped users join together to share information regarding the best pet-friendly parks and animal care stores. Purina even went as far as to create a new Facebook game where players managed their own pet resorts. They hosted a competition in which the winner would receive a part-time jobbing touring the world with their cat interviewing other pet owners to accumulate valuable content for the Purina website. This competition received large amounts of attention and traffic to Purina and their products as well.


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