The Biotechnology Magnate Clay Siegall

The Biotechnology Magnate Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is Seattle Genetics chief executive officer and co-founder. He has over two decades experience in research and development of cancer treatment drugs. Siegall is an award winner of various titles due to his contribution to the fight against cancer. Among the awards include the 1995 Pierce Award for his campaign in targeted toxins field. Ernst & Young also named Siegall as its entrepreneur of the year in the healthcare category. Siegall has a doctorate in genetics and a B.S. in zoology. He is an alumnus of George Washington University where he acquired his doctorate and the University of Maryland as his undergraduate school. He is currently the president of Seattle Genetics and a board member. Siegall’s tenure at the company saw its secure over $330 million via private and public offers. Seattle Genetics further entered into multiple partnerships for strategic collaborations in research and development. Among its recent partners include a $860 million worth agreement with Genentech for the production of SGN-40. Other partnerships include much collaboration with Medlmunne, Bayer, CuraGen and Progenics generating over $65 million from the collaboration.

Siegall cites the motivation to start Seattle Genetics as his experience with his father’s battle with cancer when he just nineteen years old. His father succumbed to cancer five years later due to lack of a drug to treat the disease at the time. Siegall then committed his entire life to looking for a cancer cure and provide doctors with new alternatives to cure the disease. He cites the growth and productiveness of Seattle Genetics to a partnership with other players in the drug research and development industry, which helps the company to reach out to new customers. The collaboration further helps the company to generate revenue from licensing agreements for its patented technology.

Clay Siegall has interests in various current affairs affecting America. He, for instance, expressed displeasure with President Trump’s decision to pull out the United States from the Paris climate change agreement. In his blog, Siegall presents an interview with a climate expert Brainard on why climate change matters to Americans. Brainard lists several negative impacts posed by climate change including storms intensity in tornadoes hit areas, changes in climate patterns and its consequences for the evolution of new pests.


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