The Bull Sertoes Rally Team under the Leadership of Rodrigo Terpin Shines during the Serteos Rally

The Bull Sertoes Rally Team under the Leadership of Rodrigo Terpin Shines during the Serteos Rally

The Serteos Rally, which happens to top the list of the most prestigious and biggest off-road event across Latin America was recently held in Brazil. The rally brought together some of the most talented and celebrated rally drivers in the country and beyond. This year’s event was being held for the 22nd time and involved two Brazilian states and was demarcated into seven stages, which in total were covering at least 2,600 kilometers.

The Bull Sertoes Rally Team

Among the key participants in the rally was the Bull Sertoes Rally Team that comprised of two experienced drivers, Rodrigo Terpin and Fabricio Bianchini, as well as a support team of eight. The duo impressed at all stages, managing a podium position in the Prototypes T1 category and also made it to the top five teams in different categories. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team grabbed the 8th position overall, which meant that it had managed to shake-off about 30 of their other competitors. The team was driving a car that was branded #326 for the entire race.

Rodrigo’s View

As the leader of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, many responsibilities were placed on the shoulders of Rodrigo Terpin and from the result, it was clear that he executed them to perfection. Now in his early 40s, he has had experience in many off-field races and therefore did not have difficulty in competing with the best the sport has ever produced.

After the success, Rodrigo Terpins gave it to his entire team for the dedication and invaluable input towards the impressive performance. Rodrigo also attributed part of the success to the car he was riding, describing it as a delicious, special, and pleasant ride. He, however, admitted that the competition was tough and challenging and required more than 100% commitment for every participant.

Success runs in Terpin’s family blood. Rodrigo’s elder brother Mr. Michel Terpin has had successes in a handful of rally races in Brazil. As for Rodrigo, the 22nd edition of the Serteos Rally marked his first participation in such a big race. He, however, has had great achievements in several national rally championships. Follow him on Facebook to know more.


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