The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Have the Track Record You Want if You Have Cancer

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Have the Track Record You Want if You Have Cancer

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are a group of hospitals located in Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, devoted solely to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The difference with Cancer Treatment Centers of America is that they only work with cancer and nothing else. There are many good hospitals, but sometimes they have to be so diverse that they may not be equipped to handle some of the more sophisticated cancer cases.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, it can be a devastating blow, both to the patient and to the family. That is why CTCA is so effective in their approach because once a patient is accepted into  CTCA program, they receive treatment for the whole person as well as counseling and guidance for the immediate family.

Once a new patient arrives, a thorough examination is conducted and then an individualized treatment plan is created with specialists and personnel who are well trained and who can utilize well-documented treatments to treat cancer. An Integrated Approach is applied where more traditional methods such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, and radiation are used along with supportive therapies as needed.

Some of the supportive therapies include pain management, acupuncture, mind-body medicine, naturopathic medicine, oncology rehab, nutrition therapy and spiritual support. People do not always realize that this supplemental therapy is very important in keeping the cancer patient strong and vital during the treatment process.

70 percent of all patients receiving treatment for cancer are malnourished and they suffer from fatigue. Other areas such as discouragement, depression, stress, anxiety, difficulties with eating, loss of appetite and other such situations can be overcome.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have a long history of successful treatments for cancer. Their laser-like attack on the disease is the result of years of research and implementation of tested procedures that have proven to be effective.

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