The Case for Being Hard on Yourself

The Case for Being Hard on Yourself

These days, the idea of being hard on yourself is not taken well. Long ago, if you had a problem and it was your problem alone, it was you who had to fix it. This isn’t so anymore, and many people believe that that’s to the detriment of society at large. In fact, treating yourself with enough respect to be hard on yourself sometimes is a good quality. You may think that when you get stressed and anxious, the best thing to do is to take care of yourself and treat yourself to some ice cream or a day doing nothing.


Sometimes these are great things to do for yourself, but largely, they should be saved as rewards for hard work and a job well done. Sadly, most people think that they deserve a reward for doing nothing. Many people think they should be rewarded when they feel sad, angry, frustrated or annoyed.


This is not the way that we should be handling difficult emotions and feelings. Being stressed out isn’t something that anyone likes. Feeling anxious and worried about the future or the past are negative emotions that everyone deals with on a regular basis. You will never have a time in your life when you aren’t stressed about at least one thing. With this in mind, it’s better to just get used to stress and learn how to deal with it to make it work for you.


One way to do this is to start being a little harder on yourself when you get worried about something. If it’s something that you can change, take action to change it instead of dwelling on your worries and anxieties. Taking action is the best way to get rid of stress. If you have been worried about something in your life, consider this tactic for remedying your negative emotions.



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