The Explosion of the Highland Village Shopping Center

The Explosion of the Highland Village Shopping Center

Mixed use constructions have become increasing popular throughout the United States. It offers an excellent means to have different kinds of tenants in one location. It also makes it desirable for both shops and residents to move into as both have access to what they may want in terms of entertainment and paying customers, so it makes sense to have the different kinds of tenants. One of the leading individuals in Houston to bring mixed use constructions to the city is Haidar Barbouti. This individuals has worked on an assortment of different constructions and projects throughout the city. One of the most recent and most successful mixed use constructions he has headed includes the Highland Village Shopping Center.

The Highland Village Shopping Center has been owned and operated by Haidar Barbouti and the Hadar Barbouti Highland Village Holdings since the early 90s. There are many different businesses and restaurants located inside of the center, which is what makes it especially attractive to consumers. However, while Haidar does operate and own the center, he did not specifically built it himself. In fact, it came to fruition immediately following the conclusion of the Second World War. An individual who went by S.N. Adams built it and named it Highland Village, after his home of Scotland.

This proved to be one of the very first actual shopping centers in all of Houston. Adams and his family eventually went on to sell the shopping center in the 60s. From there, it passed hands multiple times until Hadar Barbouti purchased in in 1991. At this time, Hadar also owned and maintained several housing districts located immediately around the shopping center, so owning the center simply made sense for him.

Currently there is a large number of businesses and restaurants that are located within the shopping center. Many of these businesses cater to higher-end customers. Some of the name brand that are located inside of the center includes the Apple Store, which while one of the smaller retailers in the center, is one of the most popular. Anthropologie, which is the higher-end brand of Urban Outfitters, is located here, as is Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.

Naturally, no shopping center is complete without the inclusion of several restaurants. This holds true with the Highland Village Shopping Center. Inside of the center, guests can find a range of desirable restaurants. this includes RA Sushi Bar, UP Restaurant, Escaleante’s and Smith and Wollensky, just to name a few.

The shopping center has stood the test of time and it has seen some major transformations since Hadar Barbouti purchased the location in the early 90s and has pushed it into more modern advancements in the following years.


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