The Golden Secret Of Organo Gold

The Golden Secret Of Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a global network marketing company that began in Canada in the year 2008. In over 50 countries, Organo has independent distributors who are available to you for your personal care product, nutraceutical, or beverage needs. The distributors at Organo Gold have a Preferred Customers Program that provide coffee and tea samples for the consumer to try, also providing individual sales which are at a discounted price with automated shipping options.

What makes them so special out of a lot of beverage distributors is that, Organo Gold uses a special herb from Asia, Ganoderma, which they like to call “The Wonder Mushroom” that is jam packed with antioxidants, used for thousands of years for its healing capabilities. Whether you are aware of it or not, inside your body there are free radicals that can cause damage and inflammation to your body, and this is where the miraculous ingredient of Ganoderma steps in to help fight that. Read the reviews at

This mushroom is not used in cooking, but in the Asian culture you can find this herb in skin care and a wide-range of products people use everyday, around the world. Even the way the Ganoderma looks, it reminds you of something you would see in a cartoon, having a supernatural look to it growing on wood. At Organo Gold they only specialize in sourcing the finest quality Ganoderma, found in the region of the Wuyi Mountains of China’s Fuzhou grown undisturbed on a log. This herb has had such a positive impact for so many years that it has been recognized globally for more than just food, but for multiple health benefits. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Another aspect in which Organo Gold stands out from most companies that harvest the Ganoderma is, they don’t store the herb in plastic bags and crush the shell which decreases the potency and the effectiveness. Their approach is to just crack the shell using a patent process, releasing the power of the spores from the Ganoderma to add to the family of products Organo Gold has to offer. Vitamin C is not enough to defend and protect your health, but with Ganoderma you’ll be receiving the power of the secrets of the ancients!



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