The Great Achievements of Bruce Levenson

The Great Achievements of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is very industrious with his interests ranging from business to sports to technology in cooking. In business circles, Bruce is well known as the co-founder of United Communication Group. This company offers a wide range of services. Some of the services provided by the United Communication Group are government contracting, health-care services, banking, technology, information and software, and telecom. They also offer energy solutions to their customers by providing data, analysis, and guidance.

Bruce is a director of TechTarget. The company acts as an intersection platform for committed technology buyers, providers and intended technical content all over the world. He has also partnered with GasBuddy. GasBuddy is a mobile app that motorists use to get low-cost gasoline. It is estimated that over 45 million motorists have downloaded this app. Also, Bruce contribution in cooking technology is also seen. He is a co-founder of DOT a technology in cooking. With this technology it is possible to toast sliced bread within three seconds.

Bruce of has engaged in philanthropic activities for over forty years now. Together with his wife Karen, they have established several education initiatives since the 1980s. These initiatives are aimed at targeting youth, and especially the disadvantaged. Such initiatives include; I Have a Dream, PeacePlayers, Bringing the Lessons Home Program and the Seed School. Other passionate and dedicated leaders have seen their well-intended efforts fall by the wayside. This has been due to inadequate management expertise.

The couple yet again came together and financed the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland. The main objectives of this center are, one, to empower and educate non-profit leaders in the next generation through knowledge and the necessary tools important for success in non-profit organizations. The second objective is that they want to ensure that every graduate of the University is a knowledgeable and a well-motivated philanthropist. The Center offers the students a focused philanthropy encounter that range from gifts to the highly applauded Do Good Challenge.

The Center has also diversified it causes. They now offer courses centered on philanthropy and management for non-profit organizations. The classes engages philanthropists and leaders in the non-profit organization who feature as guest lecturers. Students from the Center have found themselves in demand to become fellows in non-profit organizations in Washington DC in organizations such as Smithsonian and Marriott Foundation. The Center is also sending out the student to other nations such as Jordan, Israel, and India so that they can have practical skills by working for local NGOs. Bruce has been integral in the rapid expansion of the Maryland’s Campus. They have anticipated that the overseas program will extend to China by 2016.

Bruce has also found his dream at childhood come true by owning two sports franchises, the Thrashers, and Atlanta Hawks. In 2010 Levenson together with his partners traded the Atlanta Thrashers. He chairs the Board of Managers that runs Hawks and sits on the NBA Board of Governors as a member.


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