The Great Deeds of OSI Group

The Great Deeds of OSI Group

Before OSI Group became a juggernaut of operations that specialized in food delivery and keeping their meat supply in an exemplary clean solution, it began its humble origins as a meat market in Chicago by a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky.

As time moved on and as the company pivoted into wholesale meat trade, the company was moved its operations from just being a simple meat supply company into a high-volume supplier to a starting startup at the time, McDonald’s.

Contributing massively to McDonald’s success, OSI Group ended up growing into one of the largest privately-held company valued at $6.1 billion.

However, this is only just a brief origin story about OSI Group and how they ended up growing to the massive success that we take for granted.

Rather than focusing on the past, it’s time to focus on the present grand achievements that OSI Group has achieved so far.

Great Current Achievements

One such great achievement from OSI comes from across the pond where the OSI Group was awarded the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council for their exemplary food safety procedures and managing the reduction of environmental risks for the food.

Only 18 companies worldwide was award with this grand honor from the British Safety Council.

Another achievement that OSI Group has managed to accomplish is purchasing Flagship Europe, a major food supplier to the European market.

Perhaps, the most heroic current achievement that OSI Group was able to afford was purchasing a plant on the South Side of Chicago, an area widely known for its dangerous criminal climate.

However, it is easy to talk about the achievements that OSI Group has made today but what are the ramifications behind these grand achievements?

Ramifications of Current Achievements from OSI Group

The first ramification with being awarded with the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. This demonstrated that in an area that cares about the food safety of its citizens , OSI Group was able to demonstrate that they could meet the standards set upon them but exceed them overwhelmingly to receive this award.

The second ramification of OSI Group purchasing Flagship Europe is that they continue their great exemplary record of managing the reduction of environmental risks to Europe by owning the largest food supplier.

The third ramification listed is that by buying a former Tyson plant, OSI Group was able to preserve about several hundred jobs in the process. This is more than just some Tyson plant, these were people’s livelihoods and how they fed their families.

By stepping in and purchasing Tyson Foods, the company saved those jobs.

It’s time to understand facts: OSI Group may never be as famous as the companies that it delivers food to but the ramifications of its good deeds cannot and will not go unnoticed.



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