The Interesting Agreement Between Charles Koch and Sanders

The Interesting Agreement Between Charles Koch and Sanders

On his OpEd in the Washington Post, Charles Koch surprised many people when he said that he agrees with Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential hopeful, on issues related to income inequality. This is unusual considering the fact that the conservative billionaire is known to be a critic of the Democrats.

He wrote on how he agrees with the opinions of the Vermont senator regarding political and economic system and how it is often rigged for the advantage of the privileged to the detriment of the least advantaged. He further wrote that he shares the senator’s belief that the social stratification is increasing and this is a disadvantage to the Americans who live in hopelessness and poverty. Koch also agrees with Bernie that the corporations benefit from corporate welfare when ordinary Americans are not given any opportunity.

Koch appears to be endorsing Sanders in his presidential bid as this is one of the areas the citizens expect changes in the political and economic system. Koch further wrote that he supports Sanders and his policy which seeks to give opportunities to many disadvantaged Americans because it is the rich that are favored by the current economic and political system. Koch however wrote clarifying that this is by no means an endorsement of Sanders but he is just being objective.

Koch is known to be a vocal libertarian an ardent critic of the intrusions of government on market forces. Sanders on his part is an outspoken critic of the Koch Brothers for a very long period of time and this is expected because the two belong to different political divides.

Charles Koch is brother to David Koch who once vied for presidency on Libertarian party ticket in 1980. The two brothers are the founders of Koch Industries which is the second largest corporation in the United States. Koch Industries is a fossil fuel company based in Wichita, Kansas. The Koch brothers have spent heavily in funding foundations, corporations, advocacy groups and think tanks with the aim of reshaping the American politics from the rot.

Charles Koch says that he agrees with sanders because he advocates for change too. He wrote that Koch Industries will continue opposing every form of corporate welfare even if his corporation may benefit from the same. A good example is when the corporation opposed ethanol subsidies even when ethanol was one of its products.

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