The Kabbalah Center, A Place To Build Relationships and Strengthen Faith

The Kabbalah Center, A Place To Build Relationships and Strengthen Faith

When you study Kabbalah, you are studying the wisdom of 4,000 years and how it applies to today’s life. It is not a religion, but it is a practical method that is designed to bring spiritual understanding to make better decisions and to live life with more joy.

Kabbalah began before the population on earth and before the Jewish people formed the nation of Israel, but its foundation resembles the Jewish belief. The teachers of Kabbalah use practical applications in the world to help the students develop spiritual principles to make their lives more fulfilling. Joy is the basis for the teachings because Kabbalah believes that there is joy found in every person, but stress and the chaos of today’s society cover it. The instructors and students meet in Kabbalah Centres, and there are 40 Kabbalah Centres worldwide today.

The first Kabbalah Centre was started in 1922 in Jerusalem. Students came from all around the world to study as did the Bergs, who spent 10 years at the Centre. After 10 years, they came to the United States and founded the New York Kabbalah Centre. They opened a center in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Bergs translated much of Kabbalah into as many different languages as they could.

Students of all nationalities, ages, faiths and religions come to learn the intricacies of Kabbalah. The Los Angeles Centre now broadcasts the Kabbalah University all around the globe, and students can study Kabbalah if they are not close to a Kabbalah Centre. Technology has changed the way that Kabbalah is transmitted, but it didn’t affect the content with reference to

Kabbalah Centres are also involved in volunteer projects to enhance the student’s spiritual understanding. Karen Berg said that it is necessary to share of yourself so that it permanently improves the quality of life. She goes on to say that in volunteering, you find lasting fulfillment only when the soul is fed, and the soul is fed by unconditional sharing. There are volunteer opportunities in the local communities around the Centres and they are also united in projects that occur around the world.

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