The Magical Work Of Michael Burwell, And Leadership Qualities

The Magical Work Of Michael Burwell, And Leadership Qualities


The contribution of an employee to the growth of a company is the symbol of the value of such an employee. Willis Towers Watson has appointed Michael Burwell as the new Chief Finance Officer to replace Roger Millay. Mike brings a vast experience to the company. Having spent over 30 years at Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP rising from business advisory to chief financial officer in 2009, he played a significant role in transforming the organization by building and expanding PwC internal shared services. He has also served as the senior relations partner for several clients during his tenure.


While at PwC, Michael Burwell was the leader of U.S. Transaction Services and CFO for Global and U.S. Transformation. While serving in the two roles, he was able to address the expedient challenges and expunged the toxic factors that hinder the growth of a company.


Mike Burwell has achieved a lot of success. He acquired his education at the prestigious Michigan University. Here, he got his skills in Merger and Acquisition, Finances, CPA, Portfolio management and leadership. These skills have shaped his performance as a leader in organization optimization, and thus as a Chief Financial Officer of any company, no financial risk can threaten the legal foundation of the company.


A recent interview with Inspirery reveals exciting aspects of Michael Burwell At his current position as the Chief Financial Officer; he has introduced Delegated Management Service called AMX which was initially started in Europe and debuted into the US, currently advising clients on over $120 in asset management and client management. The services have helped small and large money managers reduce the aggregation and compliance process saving time and money.


Mike has mentored and guided four people who went and became partners at Willis Towers Watson. Each had acquired different sets of skills, goals, and personalities; these attributes make Michael Burwell a person who likes to grow and make a difference to the lives of the people he interacts with and always feels inspired. The people, he says, are an integral part of his success


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