The Midas Legacy Latest News

The Midas Legacy Latest News

Mark Edwards, Midas Legacy Research Expert Shares Life Experiences of the Power of Natural Cures

For centuries, people around the world have used different natural remedies to cure illnesses and diseases, and to relieve pain. According to Mark Edwards and research data, over 3.5 million people died from cancer during the year. Families and individuals sometime spend their entire life savings for retirement to cover prescribed medications and to visit their primary physicians. People are returning to ancient remedies used in Africa, Asia, and world countries in recent years, after unsuccessful results of prescription meds. Mr. Edwards can attest to the effectiveness of natural remedies after his wife was diagnosed with cancer over three years ago.

Pharmaceutical medications, including prescription and over-the-counter medications have mild to serious side effects to relieve certain symptoms. Millions of people across the world have experienced the power of mother nature and its natural foods and plants to treat various diseases or sicknesses, such as common colds, cancer, hypertension, and even malaria. Mark Edwards shares with health conscience individuals and victims experiencing an illness that mother nature fills the earth with natural wild plants, including cinchona, foxglove, and willow. Cinchona, for instant, is used in various countries to treat malaria, and foxglove is used to treat cardiac arrhythmia. Willow is known to reduce fever and alleviate pain.

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Side effects are major concerns when using pharmaceutical medication. Practically, all over-the-counter and prescription drugs have warning labels describing possible side effects, including headaches, rashes, nausea, drowsiness, and/or allergic reactions. Natural remedies have less side effects, and under doctor’s care can be effective to fight cancer and cure other serious diseases. When the wife of Mr. Edwards was diagnosed with cancer, they turned to alternative treatment. Based on his life experiences, he shares with thousands of individuals the power of natural cures.

Mark Edwards is the Natural Health Expert at The Midas Legacy, in Winter Garden, FL. The Midas Legacy offers expert advice relating to financial & retirement planning, natural health cures, entrepreneurship, and real estate. The Midas Legacy was founded to provide research services to private investors, business leaders, and anyone needing help with their finances and health. Mr. Edwards performs extensive research on health related subjects and authors one of Midas Legacy Columns, Natural Cures. As a Midas Legacy member, receive valuable and helpful information about natural remedies, stock markets, trading strategies, real estate, finances, retirement, and financial planning.

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