The Old Pet’s Club Is A Heartwarming Adventure

The Old Pet’s Club Is A Heartwarming Adventure

Cats and dogs are loving creatures that will never abandon you. They just want to stay with you for their whole life and make you happy. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. It’s not because these animals abandoned their owners, it’s the other way around. Pets are frequently taken out of people’s homes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes owners can’t care for them, they’re moving, or they become too hard to take care of. The saddest part is that sometimes the animals taken out of a home have been their for years. When that happens, they’re left in a shelter wondering what they did wrong.


According to Reddit, one remarkable Jackson woman by the name of Sally Fullerton couldn’t stand the idea of older cats and dogs being left in shelters until they die. Not a lot of people are looking to adopt senior dogs and cats because they’d rather have a pet that is guaranteed to be with them for a long time. Sally did something remarkable to combat a lot of senior pets left in shelters in her area. She opened her home to them. She now runs a sanctuary for them which she calls the Old Pet’s Club. The Old Pet’s Club is run out of her home and it’s a safe space for senior animals. They are loved and cared for. Volunteers come in to help bathe them, take them for a walk, and give them lots of snuggles.


Overall, it’s heartwarming to see that these pets won’t have to live out the years they have left in a shelter. They’re able to roam free in this home and experience all the love they deserve. Sally Fullerton and her team of volunteers won’t give up on these pets in the Mississippi area. They know that there is an influx in abandoned pets and they want to do what they can to combat that problem.



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