The Oldest College Student Graduates

The Oldest College Student Graduates

Any young people that are saying that they cannot make a commitment to a college education should just stop and take a look at Doreetha Daniels. She is a true inspiration to all. This summer Daniels became the oldest college graduate at the age of 99. This is truly outstanding, and it should serve as motivation for all that have dropped out or never attended at all.

Surely Doreetha doesn’t plan to get a job at the age of 99. She does, however, realize the value of starting a task and completing it. She also believes in the value of a higher education. She should come off as a motivator to many people that may have thought that they could not do it.

Daniels has lived through The Great Depression and the Civil Rights Movement. She was alive when the first man landed on the moon. She graduated from the College of Canyons in California, and her commitment is bound to motivate her adult children, grandchildren and their offspring for many years to come. It can be difficult to go back to school if you have dropped out. There may be issues with getting loans. There may be some issues with getting people to help you with your assignments. All of these things may be a challenge, but Daniels may have faced the same challenges. She also faced the challenge of getting around and studying simply because she was older. Daniels did not let this stop her though. She was passionate about getting an education, and that is why she was able to continue on. This can serve as a huge motivator to so many.


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