The Olympic Valley Resume Normal Operations Thanks To Andy Wirth

The Olympic Valley Resume Normal Operations Thanks To Andy Wirth

The Olympic Valley is the economic pillar of the community around Lake Tahoe. The Olympic Valley is famous due to it’s long natural terrain that attracts thousands of skiers and tourists to the area every year. The Olympic Valley is also a hot spot for winter games, and most of the visitors there come for this particular reason. It is also home to some five-star luxurious countryside resorts that cater for tourists who visit the area. Andy Wirth is one of the owners of one of this state of the art resorts and is also the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski.

Recently, after a four-year drought and a long fight against the incorporation of the Olympic Valley, normalcy has returned to the area. Before the reopening of business, the long draught had lead to the closure of businesses and resorts due to lack of customers. The drought had made it impossible for skiers to ski in Olympic Valley and thus no more tourists were visiting the area. The resorts were forced to close down due to low business and so were other some businesses that depended on tourism.

There was also another problem that the Lake Tahoe community was fighting, and that is the incorporation of Olympic Valley. Andy Wirth stood for the community and defended it from the incorporation. Using his personal resources, Andy Wirth spent most of his time trying to stop the incorporation and succeeded as the motion was dropped. Andy Wirth and other residents of Lake Tahoe were against the incorporation because it would lead to higher taxes and thus reduction in the number of tourists visiting the area.

As business resumes at the Olympic Valley, the community and Andy Wirth are positive of a good season ahead that will see too, it records a number of tourists visiting the area. He says that ski lovers have mixed the Olympic Valley and are expected to storm the Olympic Valley in their thousands to enjoy the sport once again. The others depending business have also resumed operations and the economy of The Lake Tahoe area is expected to be up again soon. All this is thanks to Andy Wirth.

Andy Wirth also runs the Crowdrise campaign, a charity whose main beneficiaries are veteran Navy SEALS returning home. The Crowdrise campaign helps these soldiers and their families be able to cope with normal lif through moral and financial support.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal