The Pup Who Rescued Us

The Pup Who Rescued Us

Sometimes you don’t know there is a whole in your world on, some sort of unexplainable gap until you find that it has been filled. This was the case for us late in the year of 2014. Our faithful old golden retriever, Maggie, had passed away earlier in the year. We did miss her very much, but we had another dog, Simba, we didn’t really feel the need to add yet another animal to the family at that point.

Our daughter started it, the asking for a puppy that we knew would come eventually. It went on for several months before we began to consider it. She wanted a German Shepherd. We had nowhere near enough money to buy a German Shepherd puppy for her. We began to look at shelter dogs, rescue pups.

Out on reservation in South Dakota, there are hundreds of dogs. Dogs who were feral, dogs who were neglected, dogs having pups, unloved and unwanted. We decided our new addition would come from there. We decided we would save a life. We communicated with the tireless crew who swept the reservation for stray dogs. They were on the lookout for us. We wished for a larger breed female puppy. One day, the word came in that they had rescued a little girl they thought was perfect for us!

A little, floppy eared, fuzzy ball of pure sweetness was welcomed into our home. We loved her immediately. She made us laugh, she snuggled, she made us whole again. We all loved to shop for our new pup. She loved toys more than any dog we had ever owned before, so she received many! We were told she needed lots of protein to make up for any her mama may not have gotten on the food scarce plains while carrying her. We chose Purina Beneful on purinastore Healthy Puppy. She loved her food so much we also bought her Purina Beneful Baked Delights treats when she got a bit bigger. She was so smart and the apple and bacon flavored treats were the perfect motivation for her to perform.

We paid for good vet care, quality food from Beneful, walked, played and napped with our new friend. We hadn’t known we were sad. We hadn’t known we were a bit lonely or lacking. The day we brought her home she revealed our hurt and healed it all at once. We may have technically rescued her, but we feel she was the one to rescue us!


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