The Real Estate Whiz Kid! Getting to Know Nick Vertucci

The Real Estate Whiz Kid! Getting to Know Nick Vertucci

In the world of entrepreneurs, there is a special breed of superstars who have truly perfected the art of turning lemons in lemonade. Real estate “whiz kid” Nick Vertucci has found the recipe, and has made it his mission to sweeten his own glass of cool, refreshing success while generously sharing his pitcher full of knowledge with others.

Now a millionaire and owner of the outrageously successful Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, Nick didn’t always have it easy. He was young when his father died, and recalls his mother working long, hard hours to support the family. By the age of 18, he was on his own and living in a van. But even then, an entrepreneurial spark was evident. He soon went into business selling computer parts and found early success, learning that the responsibility for happiness and comfort in life lies within. He would later realize another important key fact: Most people have the will to succeed, but don’t know how. He would ultimately vow to change that.

Even after some particularly challenging years following a sudden downturn in the economy, that early spark of determination endured. And then, by chance or cosmic design, Nick Vertucci walked into a real estate seminar that would begin a journey of perseverance, self-education and trial-and-error. A decade later, Nick had perfected his own real estate system, and was ready to share his secrets with the world.

The evolution of a highly successful entrepreneur requires a heavy dose of passion, and when a human being is passionate about something, they feel the strong need to share that passion with anyone who will listen. And this is how the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy came to be. Today, Nick travels constantly, spreading the gospel about his proven system for success in the real estate market, and enrolling new students into his academy, where Nick’s tried-and-true methods of securing financial freedom by investing in and “flipping” real estate are taught.

With the help of dozens of expert real estate educators and a large support staff, Nick has achieved tremendous success in the real estate education industry, and of course, great personal satisfaction in sharing his passion and helping others find their way on the road to success.

Nick’s program boasts a simple, three-step journey to success: Get in by finding a fantastic property with exceptional value and “flipping” potential. Get out by turning that property into profit, also known as “flipping.” And lastly, get paid!

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy stresses the simplicity of the steps, but backs them up with comprehensive training and solutions to the challenges real estate investors can face in the day-to-day machinations of the industry. Just some of the real-world topics covered in their education programs include finding good investment properties, rehabbing properties for the “flip,” purchasing and retaining properties for long-term cash security, commercial investing, and more.

Nick’s passion for success, and for sharing his knowledge with everyday people, has made the academy a go-to resource for inspired entrepreneurs who have that same spark that started Nick’s path years ago. Thousands of people attend his seminars across the country every year, determined to follow Nick’s inspiration and turn a spark into success.


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