The revolution of women in the workplace; a case study of Susan McGalla

The revolution of women in the workplace; a case study of Susan McGalla

Among the most trending and highly contested issues is on women and leadership. Women were in the past regarded as the minority group as they were secluded in many places, areas, and forums. Issues such as lack of women in boardrooms, unequal remuneration, and inequality among women are becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, many organizations and bodies are empowering women in taking certain roles and even others offering specific roles to the women. Bodies such as the government and non-government bodies are in the forefront in fighting the many challenges facing women in the workplaces. More so, there exists many women who are proving to be fit to compete equally with men and are ready for any challenge in the work environment. Such iron ladies are taking up top positions in the corporate world and also taking lead in establishing and leading their personal ventures.


One of the successful business women who have clinched top ranks is Susan McGalla. The business world was once a sector populated by men and hence was a no-go-zone for women. However, women like McGalla are taking this notion back to the history books. Such women are excellent role models to those who are still not confident and strong to take up these positions. Most successful women share common traits such as having excellent networking abilities which is core in the business and corporate realms.


Susan argues that some of the inevitable traits every woman must possess in this field is confidence, urge, adaptability, and hard work. McGalla understands that nothing comes easy and every women must acknowledge her strengths to convert them into her strongholds. Susan had the mindset that she was endowed with greatness and that only her could unlock this huge potential.


McGalla is Pittsburgh Steelers’ Director of Growth and Strategic Planning. Also, she is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC that is situated in Pittsburgh. McGalla has in depth experience in retail and clothing areas which makes her a top catch in sectors that require talent management, branding, and marketing areas. Susan started working at Joseph Horne Company. She later joined American Eagle Outfitters whereby she earned the position of being the Chief Merchandizing Officer and President of Company. Later on, she left that firm and to become a private consultant for retail and financial investment industries. However, Wet Seal later begged Susan to become the CEO. Susan took the offer in 2011 to become the firms CEO and later became the consulting expert.




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