The Rise of Aloha Construction Inc

The Rise of Aloha Construction Inc

If you stay in Illinois, you’ve probably heard of Aloha Construction Inc. the building and construction industry business is booming in Illinois. Aloha Construction Inc is one of the leading construction companies in Illinois. They specialize in installation and inspection of roofs, repair of sidings, wind damage repair among other exterior construction services. No matter what may have happened to your home the team at Aloha Construction Inc is sure to cover all your home repair needs. The company started many years ago as a small family-owned construction firm and has over the years grown into a leading general contractor in Illinois with numerous achievements and industry certifications.

The growth of Aloha Construction Inc into one of the industry leaders has not been by accident. Being a family-owned company, it has always been operated and managed by the family. Over the years the company has been led by leaders who were keen on achieving the mission of company which is to deliver high-quality construction services at low prices. The current CEO of the company is Dave Farbaky. Dave is one of the most brilliant CEOs in Illinois and under his able leadership, Aloha Construction Inc has grown to greater heights.

In addition to his exceptional leadership qualities, Dave Farbaky also possesses a heart of gold. Giving back to the community is something that Dave loves to do through his foundation known as the Dave Farbaky foundation. Through the foundation, Dave has been involved in a lot of charity activities like the kids shopping spree, the international restoration service among others. He also started two local charities to benefit children. All these qualities have made Dave one of the top CEOs in Illinois and a source of inspiration for many young entrepreneurs. As a result of his leadership, Aloha Construction Inc is well known for the quality of their services and is highly recommended in Illinois.

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