The SMART Doctor (David Samadi)

The SMART Doctor (David Samadi)

Dr. David Samadi has a truly amazing story. He was born in the Persian Jewish community if Iran. During the Iranian Revolution in 1979, when he was only fifteen years old, he and his younger brother, who was twelve years old, had to move to Belgium on their own. Determined to make their parents proud they persisted and made a life for themselves all alone. Even under the tough circumstances, a young David Samadi, continued towards his dream of becoming a doctor. After leaving Belgium to moved to America Dr. David Samadi started High School in 1983 in Rosylin, New York. The first six years were very productive for David, he even finished his first few years of medical school with honors at Stony Brook School of Medicine.

Dr. David Samadi has developed an amazing technique. This is called the SMART technique and since 2007 it has had an outstanding impact on men suffering from prostate cancer. SMART stands for “Samadi-Modified-Advanced-Robotic-Technique”. It is a robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy, and with Dr. David Samadi’s SMART technique makes the surgery minimally invasive, has minimal nerve damage, and almost all patients are able to have a completely normal sex life post-surgery.

Dr. David Samadi has received many awards for his achievements. He has a certification for his Robotic Expertise on prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi has been on the “Best Doctor List” since 2004 and in 2014 became a member of the prestigious “New York’s Best Doctors”. And from 2001 to now he has been a member, and chairman, of the American Urological Association. He also seems to have an outstanding social media presence. Dr. Samadi seems to give adamant information, advice and encouragement to receive proper treatment if needed.

Samadi TV is a internet broadcast that goes live every single Sunday at 12:30 P.M. EST. where Dr. David Samadi discusses prostate cancer, what to do if you’re diagnosed, signs and symptoms, how to tell if you have it, and treatment options. When asked about Mitt Romney’s recent diagnoses and surgery, Dr. Samadi stated that Mitt Romney’s surgery went perfectly and he has made a full recovery. The reason that Dr. Samadi recommended surgery over radiation is because a patient that goes through radiation treatment is two times more likely to die from prostate cancer and is one and a half times more likely to die sooner. Being exposed to radiation can cause exposure to secondary cancer.

During Dr. Samadi’s interview with Ideamensch he talked about his developing SMART surgeries. He talked about his long days, and many surgeries that he performs. He spoke about how after a surgery he will go to the patient’s room and talk to them personally and answer any other questions they have he also stated that before he leaves to go home for the day he will call to check on all his patients. He also talked about his photographic memory and how when he gets and idea for something he will sketch it out so it will always be there for later review.

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