The Unique Dream of Tony Petrello

The Unique Dream of Tony Petrello

Being one of the CEOs and corporate executives, Tony Petrello has a fascinating and surprising story. He grew up from his humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey and now he runs the largest drilling company in the world. His lifetime has been full of turns of fate and success.

He was in the list of the US highly compensated CEOs in 2015. His success has been facilitated by consisted hard work, creative thinking and natural gifts. Tony Petrello has played very important roles to the society, especially helping children who are victims of neurological disorders.

How he became who he is today

A Remarkable Student
He attended public schools in Newark, where he grew up in. He had a full humor display and his classmates and roommates described him as a working-class student who spoke his mind comfortably from time to time. He also spoke about those subjects that he mostly cared about. Due to his math abilities, he became famous during his high school times. He spent his free time to write obscure equations on paper scraps and solved them. He was awarded a scholarship by Yale University, and got the opportunity to have Serge Lang as a mentor. Being an author, mathematician and professor, Lang was born in France, in 1927 and became famous for his brilliant works in number theory across different mathematics disciplines.

At Yale, Tony Petrello became famous for his sense of humor and outgoing personality. Yale fully changed his life in a special way, and he met his beloved wife, Cynthia. She was to become a soap opera producer, dancer and TV actress. When Tony Petrello graduated from Yale, he became a student in Harvard Law School, something that surprised his classmates and professors. He later graduated in 1970s.

Law or Business?
He joined an American based law firm called Baker & McKenzie where he specialized in arbitration and taxation. From there, he got a passion for business. He later became a managing partner in 1986 where he would play that role for quite some time. In this law firm, he worked with Nabors Industries as one of his clients.

Tony Petrello CEO Nabors
In 2011, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. It began five decades ago, and they have become the world’s largest land-drilling company. Since this company was just a client at the law firm where Tony Petrello worked, it could just end there. But he was capable of building a last impression that is why he was able to work with them later. During his time at Nabors, he made a noticeable impact to the company. His managers were strongly impressed by his efforts and his powers of analysis. His natural abilities enabled him to make such a great impact in that powerful organization. He later became the Nabors president in 1992. He has lived his entire life leaving a mark on the entire world.


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