The Willis Towers Watson CEO, Michael Burwell Displays Exceptional Qualities

The Willis Towers Watson CEO, Michael Burwell Displays Exceptional Qualities

He is the CEO of Willis Towers Watson Plc. He is also fondly and popularly referred to as Mike. He was appointed the CEO of Willis Towers after his sterling performance at Price Waterhouse Coopers for 31 years. He took his new job on August 21st, 2017. Willis Towers is a global brokerage, and financial Solutions firm. Michael Burwell replaced Roger Millay following his voluntary retirement. Michael Burwell comes to Willis Towers with a wealth of experience from reputable companies including Global Transformations and PwC. He is known for his insightful advice and opinion regarding mergers. Many companies have sought his advice before embarking on major transformational programs. Michael Burwell has been recognized many times for his expertise in areas relating to financial transactions.



Career and educational Background of Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers for 31 years before he moved on to Willis Towers Watson. Michael Burwell was in charge of the audit team at PwC for 11 years. He was later promoted and admitted to the Partnership of PwC. He was moved to Detroit to introduce PwC services there. Burwell was highly successful in Detroit. It is because of the achievements in Detroit that Michael Burwell was requested to be in charge of the Central Region’s PwC activities. Such is the trail of the talented CEO who eventually took over the leadership of transaction services of the giant audit firm in the US. He was further assigned to become the Chief Finance Officer. He served in several other senior positions before he finally became the Chief Operations Officer of the company. He moved on to Global and US Transformation in 2012 where he served as its Vice Chairman. While at Global he helped to maximize the effectiveness of the organization. He delved into human capital issues, technology and strategic sourcing at the company. He was also honored with the position of being the Senior Relationships Manager. Mr. Michael Burwell is a graduate of Michigan State University. Read This Article to learn more.



Brief about Willis Towers Watson


Willis Towers Watson is a company with a focus on providing global scale advisory services regarding brokerage. The company has a reputation for attention to detail and its almost magic ways of turning losses into growth opportunities. With roots dating almost 150 years, Willis Towers Watson Plc has a lot of experience in risk management options. The company has over 40 000 employees spread across the globe in over 140 countries. Willis Towers Watson Plc has an eye for maximizing capital growth. It has emerged as the much-needed partner for securing company business with proven strategies.


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