The World’s Safest Cities

The World’s Safest Cities

Whether looking for a new place to live or just for travel purposes, knowing where the safest places to be in is always important. Of course, when asked, most people, like Fersen Lambranho, would probably point to Sweden or other Norway as the safest locations in the world. While these countries are represented, the safest region is actually Asia, with multiple cities appearing in this list of the safest cities in the world.

12. San Francisco

There are not too many cities from the United States listed on here, but San Francisco is one of them.

11. Hong Kong

When you want China without all the regulations, make sure to check out Hong Kong.

10. New York City

This is the highest ranked American city on the list.

9. Melbourne, Australia.

This city has one of the highest life expectancies.

8. Toronto

Probably not surprised to see the top Canadian cities above US cities on here.

7. Zurich

Switzerland finds itself on the list.

6. Sydney

The largest city in Australia is also the safest.

5. Amsterdam

Great year round.

4. Stockholm
This is actually the only non-Asian city in the top for personal safety.

3. Osaka, Japan

3rd, but not tops in Japan.

2. Singapore

Expensive to live here, but extremely safe.

1. Tokyo

38 million people in one city doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be safe.


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