These WWE Wrestlers Have Wrestled And Done Pornography

These WWE Wrestlers Have Wrestled And Done Pornography


WWE wrestlers entertain millions of people who watch them on TV as well as a live crowd. It turns out that some WWE wrestlers have also been involved in some more entertainment that reaches millions. What we are doing about here is WWE porn. Despite what you may think, both male and female wrestlers have done or continue to do pornography while or after wrestling.


The female wrestler known as Chyna became involved in pornography after she finished her wrestling career. She released a sex tape that was called 1 Night in China that featured fellow wrestler and her boyfriend at the the time, X-Pac. Chyna then did other porn features such as marvel superhero porn parodies where she played the role of a she-hulk character.


Described briefly above, the male wrestler X-Pac did an adult sex tape film with his girlfriend Chyna. The sex tape film would become the best selling real sex in movies video of the year for 2006.


The famous wrestler Hulk “Hollywood” Hogan was filmed having sex with Heather Clem, who was the wife of one of Hulk Hogan’s real life friends. The video was leaked on the web in 2012. Hulk Hogan did not take too kindly to having a pornographic video released online where he committed adultery along with with the woman he was having intercourse with on the web. He has filed a lawsuit and the pornographic and adulterous video has since been taken down.


Female wrestler, Mickie James began her career by posing for pornographic magazines in explicit positions. Today she no longer poses nude for magazines, but instead wrestles and performs country music.


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