This Amputee Makes The Most Out Of Halloween Every Year

This Amputee Makes The Most Out Of Halloween Every Year

Josh Sundquist was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 9-years-old. The youngster sacrificed one of his legs for a chance at being cancer-free by the age of 13, and Josh, the man, has been making the most of his experience since then.

Every year, Mr. Sundquist uses Halloween to get creative with his disability, and this year was no different. Josh dressed as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh and even bounced around like the cartoon character on his one good leg. Perhaps the most significant thing about his costume was that Sundquist crafted it himself.

“My leg was amputated at the hip, so I don’t have any stump at all,” Josh says of his lot in life. “In fact, if I did have a stump, most of these costumes wouldn’t work. These particular costumes depend on me being shaped in this particular way.”

The flamingo costume that Sunquist created a few years back certainly would not have worked with two legs. The suit perfectly represented the animal with Josh’s amputated leg providing the perfect shape for the attire. Sundquist has also celebrated Halloween while wearing a costume that paid homage to the IHOP sign. “At first you think it’s just a sign,” he told his Instagram fans. “Like, where’s the costume here? And then I hop away and you’re like, ‘Ooooooh now I get it.'”

Josh’s situation is undoubtedly one of a person making lemonade from lemons. It is reasonable and even acceptable for a person to become discouraged after first being diagnosed with cancer and losing a limb as a result. Josh, however, refuses to fall victim to his situation and serves as a reminder every Halloween that beauty can come from the ashes.


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