This Fast-Food Chain Stands Up To Bullying

This Fast-Food Chain Stands Up To Bullying

Although it may say a lot about us, as a country, when it takes a fast-food chain to stand up against teen and adolescent bullying, perhaps we should appreciate anyone who rushes to the defense of our nation’s youth. Students, today obviously need all of the help they can get. One popular, and unlikely chain of fast-food restaurants has recently released a public service announcement against bullying and it really hits home.

Yes. Burger King, home of the Whopper, put out this three-minute ad, which is deeper than any average fast-food advertisement should be. Afterall, Burger King doesn’t have any moral obligation to our communities besides selling affordable and tasty burgers.

In a tongue-in-cheek sort of way, the short advertisement compares the general public reaction to the bullying of a high-school junior with that of a Whopper junior. Comically enough, burger king employees were asked to literally bully a whopper junior, punching the small burger, calling it names and so forth. Meanwhile, a group of high-schoolers sit in the restaurant, teasing and picking on one of the smaller members of their group. When the upset customers brought their mangled food to the attention of the Burger King staff, they were informed that the burger had, in fact, been a victim of bullying, minutes before landing on the customer’s tray.

An alarming amount of people proved that they were more concerned with the quality of a cheap burger, the whopper junior, than the safety and well-being of a high-school junior. Over 95% of adult Burger King customers returned to the counter, upset that their Whopper junior had been bullied, while a mere 12% of customers intervened, or at the very least, checked up on the bullied high-school junior.

Burger King is unapologetic and shameless in promoting awareness of and action towards bullying. If only more corporate names released anti-bullying videos this effective!


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