This is how one business handles complaints by recifing thier business

This is how one business handles complaints by recifing thier business

Every business will have some complaints from customers. White Shark Media tells how they handle complaints and how they are correcting the blunders in their blog.
White Shark Media is a digital marketing company. They were established in 2011. They are located in Miami, Florida. They also have offices in Atlanta and Denmark.

The first complaint they had was about clients not knowing what is happening with their AdWords campaign. White Shark Media had originally created a bad reporting platform and clients couldn’t check on their campaign to see how it is doing. They have corrected this by letting the client know every step the campaign is going through. By knowing this beforehand, the client will be able to where to go to see the finished product.

The second complaint that White Shark Media had in the past is that communication wasn’t efficient enough. The clients couldn’t get hold of the person they needed. They had to go through a secretary. White Shark Media took care of this complaint by adding a monthly appointed calls through GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is an online tool which has a split screen so the client can see what is happening with their campaign and talk with the SEM Strategist at the same time. White Shark Media also has added phone extensions so the client can call the person they need directly.

The third complaint is that the new AdWords campaign isn’t achieving the attention as the old AdWords campaigns did. White Shark Media has allowed the old campaigns to be in use and the SEM Strategist has a supervisor that gives them advice. The fourth complaint is that the company doesn’t offer SEO services. They still don’t offer those services, but they willing to work with a SEO company.

The fifth complaint is that the client is not happy with the contact person. Unlike other companies, White Shark Media, has SEM consultants that help the client in every step of the campaign development. The sixth complaint the company has is that new clients don’t like the campaign on the company’s account. White Shark Media fixed this complaint by starting with fresh new AdWords campaigns. The seventh complaint that the clients don’t have the means to track their progress of their campaign. They have fixed this complaint by adding tracking system. The last compliant they had is that Clients had phone calls from customers. White Shark Media added a phone call tracking system through another company called Marchex.


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