This New Law Welcomes Saudi Arabia To The Modern World

This New Law Welcomes Saudi Arabia To The Modern World

The country of Saudi Arabia is internationally renowned for its culture. Nearly everyone today, even in places far, far away from Saudi Arabia are familiar with the generally accepted attire, architecture, and widely followed religions. Unfortunately, however, women haven’t been given very many rights, as people, at all, up until recently.

Last month, Saudi Arabia made history and even garnered the attention of U.S. President, Donald Trump. The country, under the rule of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, lifted the ban on driving for Saudi women. Previously, only Saudi Arabian men were permitted to obtain licenses and drive motor vehicles. If a woman were caught driving a car, she would find herself arrested and heavily fined.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia will soon allow women into stadiums, like the rest of the modern and civilized world. Starting as early as next year, 2018, women will be permitted to attend sporting events and such in stadiums which were previously exclusive only for men. In addition to this new advancement toward social equality, three of Saudi Arabia’s largest stadiums are also being remodeled for the occasion. Jumbo-screens and sating to accommodate for entire families are in the process of being implemented.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince is pushing efforts to further “modernize” Saudi Arabia in order to boost its local economy. Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is currently leading a huge effort known as Vision 2030 which will bring many changes to the country, socially and economically speaking. The plan includes a return to more “moderate Islam,” which will allow for modernizing Saudi Arabian society, while also adhering to widespread religious beliefs and practices.


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