Thor Halvorssen Extends The Reach Of Human Rights Across The Planet

Thor Halvorssen Extends The Reach Of Human Rights Across The Planet

The chance to live in a way that protects and secures all our human rights is not open to each and every individual in the world; one man who is looking to make a change in the way we all view and judge our own human rights by Thor Halvorssen, the founder and head of the Human Rights Foundation that has become one of the world’s leading activism groups since its inception in 2005.

Thor Halvorssen is well known by both the public and government officials around the world who fear his opposition to the human rights abuses they are often committing around the world. Halvorssen was born in Venezuela and comes from one of the most successful and important political families in South America and the European country of Norway; the political role played by his family has brought Thor into conflict with many government groups in his native country after both his parents have been injured as they stood up for their political and human rights. Despite the major role Thor has played in the political aspects of the campaigns he has undertaken the Political Science graduate explains he has little to no interest in politics outside the human rights arena.

As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has seen the charitable group he founded create a series of events, including the Oslo Freedom Forum and its slogan “Challenging Power”. The initial idea of Thor Halvorssen was to create a single event that would take place in 2009 in Oslo and bring together politicians and human rights activists to discuss the issues of human rights around the world. This event has now spiraled to become one of the world’s most impressive and important human rights events that has been held on an annual basis and given birth to similar events in San Francisco and on college campuses across the world.



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