Thoughts From Michael Burwell

Thoughts From Michael Burwell


As the new CFO at Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell has become quite a busy man. The new company offers new challenges for him and having been in finance for the last thirty years he believes that he has what it takes to lead this multinational of more than 40,000 employees in the right direction. In a wide-ranging interview, he helped us understand what makes him tick and the dreams he has for the future.


A typical Michael Burwell day


For such a busy man, it’s not surprising that his day begins quite early. By getting up at 5 am Michael Burwell ensures that he has time to prepare for work. His first task is always to make his bed. This seemingly trivial task is so important to him as it marks the first accomplishment of any day. He likes to use his bike to get to work and its this time that he is able to reflect on his past achievements and plan on the day ahead.


Career accomplishments


Michael Burwell was very candid on this one. One of his proudest achievements was mentoring four others who would later become partners at PwC. At the same time as CFO, he was able to cut up to five hundred million dollars in costs all without any layoff.


Best piece of advice


Michael Burwell could not stress enough on the need to network. This is how one grows relationships in any field. These relationships are not only important for career growth, but also helpful on a personal level. Ensure that you work on attaining effective communication with the team that you work with. He notes is vital in any industry as it translates to the way you communicate with your clients as well as your seniors. See This Page for related information.


Challenges now and in the future


For Burwell big data is bound to affect every industry. The amount of data he believes available today will double in the next five years, figuring out how to harness this will be a challenge but also present numerous opportunities.


Michael Burwell worked at PwC for 30 years, making partner within the first 11. He would then get promoted to various other roles before he eventually became the CFO leading PwC’s U.S. business. In 2017 he joined Willis Towers Watson as CFO.


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