Three Drinks per Day Tipping Point for Liver Cancer

Three Drinks per Day Tipping Point for Liver Cancer

A new study reveals that consuming more than 45 grams of alcohol per day may increase your chances of developingliver cancer quite significantly. The study included more than eight million people and nearly 25,000 cases of liver cancer.

Brad Reifler knows that it only takes approximately three drinks per day to reach the 45 gram threshold. Other factors, such as obesity or consuming foods tainted with mold, may also contribute to an increased risk of cancer in the liver.

It’s not all bad news though. The study also concluded that coffee may help to offset the increased risk of liver cancer. Just one cup per day could help protect your liver from cancer.

Most medical professionals would agree that a single drink per day, especially red wine, is good for your health. It appears that over indulging on a regular basis has the opposite effect.

I think that by now it is common knowledge that alcohol is bad for the liver. Alcoholics have long been known for suffering from liver failure. It is however a little surprising to learn that just three drinks per day could put you on the path of liver cancer and possible liver failure.


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