Thriving Business of Equities First Holdings on the Global Market

Thriving Business of Equities First Holdings on the Global Market

Equities First Holdings is an investment advisory firm that provides a variety of financial solutions to businesses to enable them meet their financial goals and obligations. The firm was established in 2012, as since then it has secured long-term partnership deals with major investment banks, top internationally recognized law firms, and even some of the world’s biggest custodian banks. The firm was initially called Meridian Equity Partners Limited, but following acquisition by Equities First Holdings, its name changed. This transaction was led by Morgan Lewis, an international law firm. William Yonge and Mr. Chris Harrison from Morgan Lewis led the transaction, where they provided constant regulatory guidance to the firm and read full article.


Following this acquisition, the company was able to expand its operations to other parts of the world including Asia, Australia, United States and Europe. The expansion process was a strategy ensuring the company’s services are offered on the global level, and eventually it paid off. Equities First Holdings is headquartered in London, UK, but maintains offices in China, U.S. and Australia. The firm expanded its operations in order to meet the growing number of clients. In fact, some branches have thrived very fast in their region and are now independent and what Equities First Holdings knows.


According to press report released on May 2017, Equities First Holdings announced that Paysafe Group PLC had completed its loan obligation and the full amount had been repaid. Thus, the firm was in the process of returning all shares it held as collateral and thereby terminate the agreement. Paysafe Group PLC had entered into loan agreement with Equities First Holdings in 2014, and had used 1.5 million shares as collateral.


Equities First Holdings’ Area of Specialty

The firm specializes in providing investment advisory services to businesses on the global platform. It provides numerous financial services to possibilities to these businesses, helping them realize their goals. Equities First Holdings partners with global law firms, investment banking firms and custodian banks to facilitate its service delivery. The company also targets high net-worth individuals interested in non-purpose capital. The firm targets clients who prefer to use stock and shares as collateral to secure loans in form of working capital.

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