Top 3 Youtube Beauty Guru’s of 2016

Top 3 Youtube Beauty Guru’s of 2016

Do you want to learn how to do make-up? Are you stressing about what to wear on a date or what to wear for your first day of school? Did a huge zit appear on your face the night before picture day? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you may be in luck. Below are the top 5 beauty guru’s of 2016 that dedicate their time and energy to help you.

Andrea’s Choice
From make-up to hair to DIY’s, this beauty guru does it all. Not only does she teach you how to achieve the perfect matte black lip, but she also teaches you how to do it infallibly! Do you want heat-less curls? Did you wake up with only 5 minutes to get ready for school? Andrea is your girl. With over a million followers, Andrea is definitely a must see YouTuber.

Wengie This YouTube guru is cosmetic surgery in a video! She teaches you how to get bigger lips,bigger boobs, and even bigger eyelids without having plastic surgery. This Australian YouTuber dishes all the hot secrets on how to turn your insecurities into confidence.
Wengie is the 5th most subscribed beauty channel in Australia and she has over 29 million views! This Asian beauty guru put the myths to an end in the Asian community. She even opens up about her own life and explains the difference between Asian expectation versus reality. On Wengie’s channel, you can learn how to do Korean make-up and American make-up at the same time. Wengie is definitely one of the top beauty guru’s of 2016!

Exceptionally different from the other YouTube guru’s, SunKissAlba is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Alba incorporates beauty with health so you that you not only look good, but you feel good when you follow her advice. If you don’t speak English well that’s okay because Alba has 2 channels, one for English and one for Spanish. This guru teaches you that what’s on the inside is just as important as what’s on the outside and she shows you how to accomplish balance every step of the way.

Above are 3 of the hottest beauty guru’s of 2016. Learn how to accomplish the perfect black lip, enhance your boobs, and focus on a healthy beauty all on the same site.


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