Top Art Collector Adam Sender

Top Art Collector Adam Sender

Adam Sender did not start his career with a focus on art. Art was the farthest thing from the mind for this hedge fund manager. His notorious collection and his ability to pick the best works by unknown artists all began in a capital finance firm.

A client for the firm had requested that a number of works be acquired and added to his portfolio. Mr Sender was the person who went and acquired those works. Finding them quite pleasing and seeing the potential for exponential return on investments of art works, Mr Sender began using his profits at the capital firm to acquire works of his own.

Over a period of 15 years Adam Sender now has one of the more prolific collections consisting of more than 800 works. The artists in his collection were virtual unknowns when he acquired their pieces, and now those pieces are proving to be quite lucrative in terms of return on his initial investments.

He makes a rule not to purchase any works during the artists’ first year in the profession, or while they are still in school. He feels that this allows them to get a firm hold on their niche style of works and perfect their style. It has obviously worked well when the bulk of the works in his collection are netting more than 100% returns.

Adam Sender is also known to be quite generous with the pieces he has collected. He lends them out to galleries for showing so that everyone can get a taste of the artists that he has. In Miami, where he owns a home filled with works, he is putting on a showing. The works consume the better part of the home so he has decided to use the home as the gallery through which to show the pieces.

A successful hedge fund manager and very prolific at finding unique works of art, Mr. Sender and his wife possess a collection that has been valued at over $100 million. A remarkable trait of all these pieces is the beautifully fluid way that each ties in with all the others.

Smaller collections have difficulty tying in each piece with another. Mr. Sender did not purposefully try to collaborate the collection so well, they simply fell into place with one another. He feels that this collection, and each individual piece shows a different aspect of his growth as a collector.


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