Toys R Us Features Quiet Hour

Toys R Us Features Quiet Hour

Anyone who has gone shopping at a kids store knows just how hectic it can get. People aren’t quiet and the store itself can get quite loud. Some people love the excitement of shopping at these stores, especially around the holidays. There are some parents and kids too, however, that dread going into stores. This is especially true for parents of children with autism.


Parents of children with autism can’t avoid shopping. That’s because they want to be able to still go out and do normal things with their child. They want them to experience life but it can get difficult. That’s because kids with autism do not like loud noises or music. According to Reddit, one toy shop is going to make shopping a whole lot easier for them. Toys R Us is featuring a quiet hour where parents and their kids with autism can come shopping.


During this quiet hour, the store will not be making any announcements or playing any music. There will also be signs posted and people will know that it’s the quiet hour so they know to keep it down. This is a great idea and other stores might soon follow suit. Toys R Us is showing that they want all children to be able to experience the magic of the holidays and the magic of shopping. They know that everyone’s different and those with a disability still want to be able to experience a store just like everybody else. It looks like they are starting a trend, other stores are working to become more accomodating to those with autism.


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