Track Team Trains While Helping Shelter Animals

Track Team Trains While Helping Shelter Animals

A high school track team in California did a good deed that involved sports, fitness, animals and helping the local community. More specifically, students at St. Joseph High School in Santa Maria took dogs from the county animal services unit out for a jog. The students were athletes who are on the track team.

This story began when a shelter coordinator named Stacy Silva found out that one of her friends on Facebook was a track coach. He mentioned that he was gearing up for the start of the new season. Stacy also knew that coach Escobar was an avid dog lover. So, she came up with an idea.

Her idea was to have the St. Joseph High School track team and county shelter work together. It seemed to be a win-win situation. Students need to practice running for the upcoming track season. Why not take a few dogs out during a practice run or jog said, Silva. It would help the dogs to get exercise. The activity would also help foster a love of animals and care for others for the student-athletes participating in track.

After contacting the coach, the stage was set for the event. He had agreed to have his track team run with the dogs and thought it was a great idea as well. After the run, it was evident that not only did the dogs enjoy getting some fresh air and exercise, but the students enjoyed the activity as well.

The students and dogs ran a couple of miles in the land surrounding the Santa Marie County Shelter. You can see some of the footage of the track team jogging with the dogs here. One small pooch seemed to be unable to jog at the end. So one of the students carried him to the finish line. Both the shelter staff, track coach and student-athletes agree that this is something they want to do again in the future.


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