Transgender Is Just A Word

Transgender Is Just A Word

Music has been affected by many artists, changing, along with its listeners, and growing in many directions. Certain artists have done more to affect this world than some, so when they stand up against an injustice it’s hard not to take note. Elton John and Michael Stipe, the lead singer of alternative rock band R.E.M. have taken it upon themselves to support transgender prisoners against the mistreatment they are reportedly suffering in the state of Georgia.

There are many different aspects to this, as transgender women are forced into male prisons. Although they should be afforded protection against such violent acts it seems the system is doing little to nothing to protect them. There are two cases, Ashley Diamond and Zahara Green, that both Elton John and Michael Stipe have come out in support of the transgender women. Ashley Diamond specifically is being denied her hormone treatments, which, as per an article in the rolling stones, , she is reportedly being supported by the U.S. Justice Department in her case against the Georgia prison.

Musicians have always had a voice, and a microphone, when it comes to social injustice said Fersen Lambranho stated in a recent article. Those who are transgender are just the current fight that is going on in this age when battles are won over the internet and twitter. Discrimination, in any form, is abhorrent, and with such powerful vocalists as this agenda has, one can only hope that they will be successful.


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