Troy McQuagge, Leading Companies In The Healthcare Sector With HOPE

Troy McQuagge, Leading Companies In The Healthcare Sector With HOPE

Hope is more than the mere belief that things will be better soon and every new day will bring more opportunities. Everybody lives with the notion that the power of hope increases when people choose to live beyond the walls of their home, help others, be kind to others and help others feel hopeful even when times are grim and desperate for a change.

The world that everyone would like to see and be a part of would consist of companies that take their social responsibility as a personal mission and very seriously. Fortunately for the world, a few such companies do exist, and one of these companies is run by Troy McQuagge, who is the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc.

In 2010, Troy McQuagge, aptly coined an acronym based name for his committee, HOPE. When elaborated this seemingly common abbreviation transforms into something much more meaningful, Helping Other People Every Day. Both the mission and initiative started by Troy McQuagge are meant for his staff, management along with the entire unit of contracted Agents that choose to work with USHA (USHEALTH Advisor)

Troy McQuagge US Health along with his organizational commitment, HOPE, stand by the mission to improve the situation of people by continuing with their cause of making a positive impact on a national scale.

One of the instances the joint efforts of Troy McQuagge and HOPE have made a positive impact on the world was in 2011. USHA, a leading healthcare group, chose to provide new merchandise such as baby shoes, clothing, and feeding formulas to the Crisis Nursery, a Not-for-profit shelter for children that operates in the metropolitan parts of Phoenix areas. The act of purchasing items that were needed by the shelter was done purely to give back something to people with the belief that businesses should be more than just a platform to transact, they should be part of the cause of helping people without any agenda and malice in their minds.

Another instance where the cumulative result of Troy McQuagge and HOPE, ended up in warming the souls of people everywhere was in the year 2012. During this year, The Leaders Meeting in Phoenix was held, and USHA as a group went an extra mile by giving HOPEKids Arizona a check that was valued more than a quarter of a million dollars. HOPEKids Arizona operates primarily as a charitable community to support the parents, siblings and other relatives of children who are afflicted by life threating ailments such as but not limited to cancer.

The donation of was a quarter of a million was not the end of USHA’s noble act as just a year later when the group was made aware that the HOPEKids support community had opened a new center in the state of Texas, Troy McQuagge  did something unexpected. They eagerly jumped at the chance of making a positive difference once again by donating a sum over $45,000, because of the conviction of their belief that every company possesses a soul, one which resides at the core of the people who run and work for the company.

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