Troy McQuagge Spreads Goodwill Through HOPE With USHEALTH

Troy McQuagge Spreads Goodwill Through HOPE With USHEALTH

Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH are working together to promote Troy’s program HOPE, which happily stands for Helping Other People Everyday. Troy and USHEALTH Group established this program to do just as the acronym states, help other people every day that are in need.

Helping others on a daily basis to help build up the community on a global level will help improve the overall health of people around the world as well as the world’s longevity. One of the very first projects for HOPE was aiding people after hurricane Katrina by rebuilding homes, which left thousands of people homeless and devasted.

Troy McQuagge has stated that the HOPE program isn’t just to make the USHEALTH company look better, but to provide a valuable and worthwhile service while maintaining profits through their primary services. That’s why in 2011 HOPE went on to donate thousands to the nonprofit organization, Crisis Nursery, which aids children that are fighting poverty and disease.

Troy also pushed to start up HOPEKids Arizona, a part of HOPE that was focused on helping children that have been afflicted with chronic illness or life-threatening disease. Not only was this one of the most successful ventures for HOPE, making a huge difference in the lives of many children, but it was a powerful initiative for the company. This allowed the company to expand further and add more branch locations.

Troy McQuagge USHealth stated that he wanted to help create an atmosphere where he was capable of making a difference in many peoples lives when asked for his reasoning behind starting up HOPE. This is a philosophy Troy wants to instill into his company and its employees as well as other people in general.

With the help of HOPE, Troy’s vision of helping others has become a reality, bringing help and hope to people through difficult times in life. This effort was spread throughout the company and it’s different branch locations which started up local community projects all over the country, taking the quest for improving the lives of others even further. Thanks to Troy’s efforts, more companies around the world will take on more philanthropic and selfless projects. Visit:



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